Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Well, lots happened this week! First off, I am now in a trio!! They closed another spanish area due to lack of spanish missionaries and now both Hna Jensen (who was with me in the MTC) and Hna Hubner (who is from Missouri and in her last transfer)  are mis companeras!! :) It has seriously been so much fun! :) 

We were able to see a lot of great things happen in our area. I am so grateful fo rthe guidance of the Spirit and for the chance we have to talk to everyone and meet so many new people! 
Quick story, we were passing by this lady who is always working in her garden. I had talked to her before and offered to help her but she had always been super stand offish and never let us help her, she even almost ran us over with her lawn mower one time haha but needless to say, when we walked passed her I just said good afternoon and was going to keep walking. But, my awesome companions stopped and started talking to her more and I was a little scared just cause of what has happened in the past. She was a little annoyed with us talking to her at the beginning but then really opened up and asked us a whole bunch of questions! It was awesome! It helped me strengthen my testimony of how people's hearts can be softened... no matter what.

I am out of time! But I will tell you all more next week! 

Hermana Spackman

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