Wednesday, June 22, 2016

We have been able to have a few very powerful lessons this week! 

One was with Juan. We taught him about the role that the Spirit is going to play as he continues learning about the church. And by the end of the lesson we said a kneeling prayer and he set a baptismal date! 

We also taught Delilah and her daughters basically about the same thing, and we had our Branch President's wife there who was really able to help her see the importance of all this. She agreed to bring her daughters to Activity Days this week! :) She is so awesome, you can really see that she wants the best for her daughters. I know that she is going to find what she is looking for!!

Another strong lesson we had was with Santos. He and his wife have been coming to church the past few weeks and the other day we really taught him about the Book of Mormon and shared a mormon message about it. He said he felt good, learning about it and we were able to testify that those feeling were from the Spirit, it was really cool! He, his wife, and his son all came to church and stayed all three hours! :) And this week we are going to do a Family Home Evening with them!

The "Meet the Mormons" movie night went really well!! Hno Ramirez, took his TV and put it in the garage, set up a few tables, and made carne asada! Lots of people showed up!! A lot of his family and friends who aren't members and also a few other recent converts from the branch came! We had to leave early because of curfew, but we dropped by later in the week and Hna ramirez was watching the video again with other friends who didn't get to see it the last time! So incredible. Member missionary work is the best. 

A few of the Relief Society also had some great experiences sharing the gospel this week, one of them was at a family party on saturday but had to get all the kids home at a decent time to be able to be ready for church on sunday, as they were leaving her uncle asked why they were leaving and she was able to explain church more with him, which then led to him asking her to say a prayer for his cousin who was in a car crash.. Another one was talking to a friend who lives in mexico about Priesthood Blessings, then she asked if she would like that the missionaries passed by her house and she agreed! So, we were able to send a referral to the Ciudad Juarez mission! :) Amazing what a simple testimony or example can do!

Hna Martinez (an amazing member of the branch, one of the first people I met here) was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago and started Chemotherapy this last week. We dropped by to visit them, we shared a quick video and left them with a kneeling prayer...during the prayers, I couldn't stop myself from crying.. I love these people so much, I have known them for over a year..and there was literally nothing I could've done to fix it, to make things better. I kept thinking... What do I say? What can I do?  The only thing I really can do is love them, pray for them, and never lose faith. God has a plan for them, and I know that they have been prepared for this time. It was just hard, not being able to help in some way. Life is hard. The trials come. And it hurts. Even though we have the gospel in our lives, it still hurts and its still hard. And there is not much we can do but endure. Trust in God and His plan, rely on the Atonement, and never lose faith.

I have just realized that this email was super long, I have lots to say but I will stop there. 

I love you all. I love this gospel. I love the knowledge we have of Heavenly Father's plan. It truly is a plan of happiness. God really does know us and love us. Through Christ we can find light. Keep going! :)

Hermana Spackman

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