Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This week was awesome!! We hit standards!! It came so naturally, it surprised me! 

We were able to talk about "After-burners" at Mission Leader Council, and how we should really be working hard these next few months.. We, as a companionship, were able to talk about what we can do together to be able to really work hard. We are all close enough to the end of the mission that we  can really start the final sprint without wearing ourselves out. I am super excited!

We found the ELECT!!! Their names are Jorge and Juan. They are brothers who just moved here a few weeks ago. We met them Wednesday, then had a super solid lesson with them on Sunday! They were waiting for us outside with their Book of Mormon. By the end of the lesson, we asked them what it would mean to them if the things we had taught about Joseph Smith were true, and their  first response was that they would get baptized! :) Then, they told us that they wanted us to come over everyday so that they could learn more!  Ahh... There really are people who have been prepared. You can tell. The Spirit is different and everything just goes smooth. :) 
And actually we just got a call from the Assistants saying that we are moving to Sumac's the same complex as Juan and Jorge haha so that will be good!

Feliz Cumpleanos shout out to my Dad!! :) He truly is an example to me. So much of his advice plays through my head and helps me a lot, especially as a missionary! He is the smartest, kindest, most talented, and most loving person that I look up to. Soy quien soy gracias a el y todo lo que hace. He always takes the time to just talk, which means a lot.

And Feliz Dia de la madre shout out to my beautiful mother! Who always teaches by example and has an endless supply of patience! She taught me how to be confident and how to do my best. She never fails to show her testimony, whether it be by words or actions. I couldn't thank her enough for all that she does. 

Life is good. The Church is true. Christ lives. Families truly can be eternal.

I love you all! 

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