Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Well, good things happened this week!

We moved into a new apartment.

We found Delilah! She is so prepared! She talked to us about how her and her family have been going to the Catholic church for as long as she can remember, but she has always had the desire to look into other churches. She also told us about how she knows that her church teaches a lot that they should believe in the Virgin Mary but it has never really clicked with her, and she doesn'[t believe a lot of what her church teaches. At the end of our lesson we had a kneeling prayer with her and all of her 4 daughters! It was so awesome! :)

We tried a creative finding idea! We took a box of chalk and went to an area where lots of kids and moms are usually outside and we asked for their help. We wrote the question "What blessings have you received from God?" and invited everyone to draw pictures of all of their blessings! It was so sweet to hear what all the kids came up with :)

Santos and Sol came to a fireside last night. The mission does something called "Come See for Yourself" where they invite recent converts to share their testimonies and how they came to know that the church was true. It is always very powerful, and this one was even cooler because it was all in spanish! There were some really cool stories and I think it was good for them to hear from other people! They are so sweet, and they have been listening to the scriptures in their car together! :) I am so excited for them! We were also just told this week that Sol is pregnant again with her second child! Yay! :)

Tonight, one of our branch missionaries is hosting a "Meet the Mormons" movie night! He has invited a lot of people! :) and so we can't wait to see what happens!

This week I have also been able to read a lot about the Plan of Salvation from the Book of Mormon! I am so grateful for the knowledge that Heavenly Father has given us. We know the plan. Now, it is our job to help others also find the happiness and assurance that comes from what the scriptures teach us! :)

I hope you all have a great week!
Hermana Spackman

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