Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Such a crazy week!

We are teaching a sweet family, we used to just teach the mom but now they are all investigating now! It was soo awesome!! We went over and their dad sat everyone down (Three teenage sons, mom, dad). Which was different cause usually he leaves the room. Then, we only read the first three verses of 1 Nephi but the spirit was so strong!! The husband straight up called out the spirit and said "Everything is better when you girls come over, we were fighting before and know we are all together having a good time, we might be slow and it will take time to learn everything, but we are willing to keep listening" It was so cool!! :) The gospel really does bless families! And sometimes they don't even realize something is missing until they find it!

It was super funny cause Olga though Nefi was netflix haha
We had a few mishaps with the bus this last week haha we are still learning how to use it! We have very limited miles and then having to do exchanges twice a week, we have to be super careful! So, we thought that we would buy a bus pass. It has been fun contacting people in the bus! (cause they cant go anywhere ha ha)
This past Saturday was also Hna Fifita's birthday!! She is a whole 20 years old!! It was fun! Some members surprised her with a cake and my sweet family sent some awesome cards and presents! :)
We had combined sacrament meeting with an english ward for the primary program! It was so cute and threw me back to good old primary days :) My favorite part was when a little girl stood up and said "Repentance means...saying sowry (you know how little kids say their R's haha) for what we done wrong." :)
I love being a missionary, even though some days we just knock doors and nothing gets done. I know the church is true! Heavenly Father loves us and know exactly what we are going through!
Have a great week! :)
Hermana Spackman

Saturday, November 7, 2015

 Sharing insight and testimony is so great haha this past fast sunday one of the returning members that we are working with shared his testimony for the first time ever in sacrament meeting! It was so incredible, this past week he has been able to see a lot of blessings. He and his wife came over from Guatemala with literally nothing. He works a lot and his wife is about to have a baby in like 3 weeks. They want to be sealed in the temple but havent been able to pay their tithing recently. We have been teaching them and last month he payed some fast offerings then a little bit of tithing. Later in  that month they had to pay a 10,000 dollar bill..some debt they had before I think..but after meeting with some people they were able to lower it to about 1,500!! His testimony grew so much! and he committed to pay a full tithe from here on out! He bore is testimony so simply saying that God is always there for us. It was so powerful :) I am so glad I got to know them and so excited for their baby to come! :) haha I just realized that I was going to share something about testimonies and kinda went of on a tangent..sorry ;)
 We almost had a baptism yesterday..everything the was ready and set up, then Ricky (investigator) came late to church and didnt take the sacrament and then left early...we didnt feel right about it and that he really understood what baptism meant...so we had to call him and tell him that there wasnt going to be a baptism...it was so hard.. and his girlfriend (member) got so mad at me ... hopefully after a few days they will realize we did it out of love...but it was hard.

 We have transfers this week and a lot of changes are happening. We still dont know who is going and staying but we will find out soon!
Its been a rough couple of weeks but I am happy to announce that I am back and loving missionary work even more!! :)
I just cant be selfish or worry about my own problems. Because I am on the Lord's time right now and there are many of His children you need the gospel! But, I wont find them unless I am focused and thinking of all the ways that I can help them! :)
I love you and have definitely received strength from your prayers this week! Thank you for all of your support! :)