Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Well, I just found out that I am getting transferred :/ But, also found out that none of the other Spanish sisters are getting transferred.. haha so I have no idea what to expect! I might be going english or three packing it again! haha a ver que pasa! (We'll see what happens!) But I will go wherever the Lord needs me! 
Speaking of that, haha yesterday I was put with Sister Moody! Who is here in the english Monroe ward, her companion went home early and she needed a companion. So, I will be with her the next couple of days until transfers. Which is fun, but then sad because I won't be able to say good bye to families in the branch... 

We had Stake Conference yesterday and I really liked an analogy that was shared by a returned missionary. She talked about how when she was younger she really wanted to learn how to play the piano. Her father brought her a baby grand piano, lots of books to help her learn, and signed her up for piano lessons. She had everything she needed to be able to achieve her desire of learning to play the piano/ However, as the time went on... piano lessons didn't interest her, she never read the books and hardly practiced the piano...She had forgotten her desire to learn. She now cannot play the piano. She related this story to the Plan of Salvation. Before coming to earth, we all were so excited to come and to learn. We really really wanted to be here, to get a body, and to become more like our Father. So, Our Loving Heavenly Father created this world. He gave us everything we would need. Physically as well as spiritually. He has given us prophets, scriptures, families, and commandments. We have so much potential, but it is all up to us. We have the tools. We need to always keep in mind our desire to become like Our Father, because it's when we forget that we fall away. 

I know that Heavenly Father truly does love us and wants us to return to Him. 

I hope you all have a great week! :) 

Hermana Spackman 

Luke 7:37-50 

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