Monday, August 31, 2015

Hello everybody! I dont have much time but I have so much to say!! ahh!
this past week has  been great! Hna CLark and I have been eating super crazy healthy ( one of our goals) and It has been a lot of fun! I dont think I have ever eaten so many vegetables in my life! haha :) we even threw all of our candy/sugar away! (when I say threw...I literally mean that we THREW our livesavers off our balcony into the woods haha ) saying no to temptation!
There has been some crazy wind storms lately! and trees have been falling everywhere! and the power has gone out out few times, so that has been fun!
As we have been reading the book of mormon from the beginning with our investigators it has really strengthened my testimony that we can really find comfort from every chapter. No matter what we are going through, there is always something we can read that will help us! I have seen that.
We also were able to teach a lot about the Sacrament this week. And how it gives us energy to keep going during the week! :)
I love being a missionary! and I love you all! :) out of time, bye! :)

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