Monday, August 17, 2015

OK! I dont have a lot of time but I am going to try to some up everything that has happened! I got transferred to Lynnwood, working with the Chennault Beach branch! The area is very different from monroe. Its a newer area in the mission, and there are so many people! It makes it a little harder to find the hispanics because its a richer/whiter area but we have found some great people with awesome potential!
My new comp is Hna Clark. She is from texas and came into the mission field a transfer after me. So, we have the 2 newest missionaries in the biggest city haha :) it will be so much fun!! She is so great and we are basically twins. She is the oldest of 6, played soccer all her life, and loves missionary work!! :) I love her! and I am so excited for this transfer!
This past week we were sharing our apartment with another companionship, so that was a little different but fun!
The members here are great and the branch is actually almost a ward! yay!
I am doing good, still alive, suuper tired, but thats good :) I love feeling tired at the end of the day :) I love you all :) have a good week!

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