Monday, April 27, 2015

This week has been great!
  Last monday we were able to go on a hike! It was awesome! haha I miss hiking so much! And it was cool cause, it's washington, and everything is so green and we were hiking through a forrest!
  Another plus of this week was the stake activity we were able to help out with! Our branch was in charge and we did like a salsa dance night! It was fun to help them decorate and learn how to cook authentic food! I like how I got to experience a little of their culture even here in America!
  And then we were able to help renovate a local Boys & Girls Club! we got to paint! It was a lot of fun! and good to be out helping the community!
So Maria (our recent convert) had an eye surgery this last week on her left eye, so we went over to see how she was doing and to help her clean and cook and stuff. But before we left, we shared 3 Nephi 13:22 haha it talks about have an eye single to God..haha it made her laugh cause right now she has a patch on one eye haha it was good.
This week Hna Pirir and I have been listening to some talks, and I really liked one scripture that John Bytheway talks about. 1 Nephi 11:17. Nephi says that he doesn t know the meaning of all things, but he does know that God loves His children. I really like this because, no matter what happens in life, if we truly know that God loves us, everything will be okay. And as we come to comprehend the amount of love He does have for us, it will lead us to want to obey Him and do the best we can. And we dont have to know the meaning of all things.
I love you all! and thank you for all your support! :) 
I hope everyone has a great week! 

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