Saturday, April 4, 2015


This week was full of a lot of personal revelation and getting ready for the field!!
on sunday, we were able to watch a devotional by Elder Bednar called "The Character of Christ". I encourage all of you guys that can, to watch it! it has changed the way i pray and the way i view my mission purpose!! His massage gave me a new perspective on how to become more Christlike. also look up #becausehelives

Another lesson we had by one of the presidents here, was about the Holy Ghost. and how he is an equal member of the Godhead. that was really cool for me to think about that cause, to be honest, i used to list them as first Heavenly Father, Christ, then the Holy Ghost. but how cool is it that we can have a member of the God head with us ALWAYS. "The Holy Ghost is NO LESS of companion then having Heavenly Father or Christ with you." -President Call. he also taught how we should want the Holy Ghost with us as much as we want air. it was a very good talk that really helped me reflect on what i should be doing to desire, not just have, but desire to have the holy ghost with me always.

the rest of the week has been filled with excitement and goodbyes. we got our flight plans! we have to leave the ccm at 2 in the morning on tuesday!! i am really excited and nervous! but i cant wait to learn more!!

as one of our goals, we have been talking with natives everyday, especially the workers. it has been so cool to get to know them and to make friends! one of the workers name is Wichi and he talks to us everyday about his "secrets to serving a mission" haha and its awesome! he gives us some great tips! and last night me an hna fiftita stayed and helped him clean after dinner and he told us like his whole life story and showed us pictures of his family! it was so cool! and we could understand and follow almost everything he was saying! we love talking with him! and it makes me super excited to be able to get to know and love the people of washington!

today, one of out elders planned a scavenger hunt thing for us today for our last pday! it was fun and a change from our regular routines!

anyway, i would love to hear from you guys and know how everything is going!
 i absolutely love being a missionary! and cant wait to spread the happiness and peace that comes from this gospel!

I love you all!
   -Hermana Sarah Spackman

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