Monday, April 20, 2015

This week has been full of ups and downs...but luckily way more ups!! 
Maria Lopez was able to be baptized!!! it was awesome and she is such a sweetheart and was soo excited and happy!! Her testimony is so strong! even though she has been very sick for awhile, she doesnt let that stop her from growing in the gospel!! and then to feel the spirit so strongly while she was being confirmed was great. The gospel really does change lives!! I am so excited to be able to keep working with her and prepare her for the temple! :)
I was asked to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting, so that was fun. haha its way more nerve-racking to bear testimony at a pulpit then it is on a doorstep haha
so, this week, i kept asking myself, "why spanish?" i felt as though i would be able to touch a lot more people in english. i was kinda feeling discouraged, but never lost sight of my calling and that Heavenly Father knows i can do this. However, in a personal study I was able to read D&C 60:2-3.
 "mas con algunos no estoy muy complacido, porque no quieren abrir su boca, sino que esconden el talento que les he dado, a causa del temor de los hombres. Ay de estos!, porque mi enojo esta encendido en contra de ellos. Y acontecera que si no me son mas fieles, les sera quitado aun lo que tienen"

sorry i only brought my spanish bom with me haha. but basically what is says is that God was upset with the elders because they had not opened their mouths and used the talent He had given them. And that if they dont use the talent, it will be taken away. I really liked this and it stood out to me a lot. It helped me realize that i need to keep practicing and use this ability that Heavenly Father has given me. and i need to do all that i can to learn the language and "open my mouth" and not complain but rejoice for this chance that i have to learn spanish!! this can apply to you guys at home too! dont be afraid to open your mouths and share what you know! and use the talents you have been given!
so here i am! ready to learn more! and serve in every way that i can! and ready to start another week!
i love you all! and am so grateful for all of your support!
Hermana Sarah Spackman

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