Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hola de Washington!
well, I am here! and I absolutely love it! first off, my trainer is amazing! Hermana Pirir is from Guatemala, so she is fluent is spanish which really helps me! Her english is also really good! and she has been a great example and very patient with me! I love her! it has been really fun!
we are serving in Monroe and have an awesome spanish branch here! the members are so nice and welcoming!  and the area and scenery are very pretty!! and there is definitely a lot of potential here! haha even though there is a different church on every corner haha 
the hispanics are pretty nice here, but i have learned that sometimes they are too nice. and instead of saying they are not interested, they tell us to come again another day. which makes me all excited to see them again! but i have found that most of the time that means they dont want to talk with us haha i just have too much trust in people haha oh well! :) but they are always willing to tell you about they life story! even if you just met them!
and yes, it rains plenty haha however the couple days i was here, it was sunny and didnt rain. and i was like "huh, i guess it doesnt rain as much as everyone says" but then it started raining haha.. so when we come home at night, we are usually pretty wet haha
as we were studying for an investigator, i was reading Mosiah chapter 18...it talks a lot about how we need to have unity in the church and why we go to church every week and stuff like that! it was pretty cool and i encourage you all to read it!
and i encourage you all to be more aware of your surroundings, especially at church. this week we had an investigator come to church. she had to come in order to be baptized this saturday, however she has some health problems that restrict her from driving and she needs her husband to take her. sometimes he will say he can take until the last ten minutes and then he backs out.. and it has been really hard for her to do what she really wants to do, which is be baptized. and so right before church she called and told us she was not going to make it... and she seemed really upset.. but then! she surprised us by coming to second hour and sacrament! (we have sacrament last) and it was awesome! we were so happy! and while we were sitting in RS, she was crying...i think it was really hard for her to get there...and the relief society members were arguing about what kind of salsa to bring for an activity... and it made me a little mad. like here we have someone who sacrifices so much to be at church and we cant even have a simple lesson, we are arguing about stuff that dont even matter.

anyway, i just wanted to let you guys know that i am doing great! and i love being able to be a missionary!! :) i have learned so much and i cant wait to keep learning! and I know that the church and the gospel are true! I know that i am happy because of the gospel and i want to help others live happy!
i love you all! have a good week!
Hermana Sarah Spackman

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