Friday, March 27, 2015

its been a pretty eventful week!
we had two earthquake drills! one was an actual earthquake in puebla, the city next to us!

we have been in a solo espaƱol week with our district, and its awesome how much we have learned!
have you ever thought about your blessing of language? like being able to hear, understand, and reply in a language in matter of seconds? i have found a new appreciation of that this week! it very hard to try to understand and reply in spanish and it takes a long time, but im getting there!!

we also got a new district in our zone! there are awesome! and hma Fifta and I were appointed to be like..their tutors i guess haha so everynight we hang out with them and help them with their spanish!

other than that its been pretty much the thumb feels a bit better but i still have to be careful when playing sports! and this weekend we get to watch womens conference and next week is general conference! we get to watch it in spanish! im super excited! it will also be my last sunday here.

i got to see meet the mormons for the first time haha and everyone was like "youre from utah, why havent you seen it?" haha

and i would like to share with you guys some things i have found in my personal study!
i was reading in Mosiah. and in chapter 4 verse 29 it talks about how there are so many different ways to sin, that we cannot count them. but then in 30 it talks about exactly what we need to do to return to our Heavenly Father. it kinda strengthen my belief of the commandments and our purpose here on earth. there is one way to receive eternal salvation and God has given us that way. and it will never change. all we need to do is obey. then in chapter 5 verse 8,10,and 15 we learn more about this. and i wish i could talk more about this, but im out of time! but i encourage you guys to take a look at these chapters and ask yourself if there is anything in your life keeping you from being obedient.

anyway thank you for all your support! i love you all!!

Hermana Sarah Spackman

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