Sunday, March 6, 2016

What a week full of miracles! :)

We had the chance to exchange with a couple of sisters this week, one of which Sister Shattuck is brand new and it is her first transfer! She came to the spanish area and worked with me! We had a lot of fun but let me tell you of one experience in particular. It had come to the end of the night and for some reason I felt weird about visiting the people we had planned on seeing. We knew this certain family would be home and they always let us in, but as we got to the stairs, it didnt feel right. I told Sister Shattuck and we stopped and said a prayer. After a few minutes of pondering, she pointed to a blue door across the street and said we should go knock on that door. So, we went! We knocked on the door, and it turned out to be a Hispanic family! :) but...they werent too interested...however, I knew the neighbors were formers from way back before I got to the are the first time and decided to knock their door as well. The mom was busy but she invited us to come over the next day. Hna Gonzalez and I went back the next day and they let us right in, the father called the whole family together telling the kids that we were going to tell them a story. We taught about the restoration and the 1st vision. The Spirit was so strong and they want to learn more! Ah, the guidance of the spirit is so cool! 

Elder Johnson of the 70 had come earlier that week and taught the Mission leader council about being worthy to have the spirit to go and find the elect!! It was such a testimony building experience to see it actually happen! :)

I also tried menudo for the first time... its like soup with cow stomach.. I have never not been able to eat what someone fed me until that moment.. most likely not a recipe that I will be keeping! ;)

I love you all! I hope you have a great week! :)
Hermana Spackman

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