Monday, March 21, 2016

This week was all over the place! There were ups, downs, rights, lefts, and insideouts. ;) But I am happy to announce that both Hermana Bell and I are back to facing and moving forward! :)

There will be a baptism this Easter sunday! :) Jesus's wife, Brenda was baptized in January and now he will be! :) They have been investigating since back when I was in the area the first time. They got married in the church building and Jesus has been able to stop drinking! :) It was been quite a process with those two, but they have never lost faith! :) and since the young women's broadcast is on Saturday, we will get the chance to celebrate Easter with a baptism Sunday morning at 8am before church! Can anyone think of a more perfect day to be baptized? Or a more perfect way to start off celebrating the resurrection of Christ? The day that Christ came back to life, is the day that Jesus will be clean and start his new life! I can't wait for them to be able to go to the temple! :)

So, they got rid of the spanish zone :( There are still spanish areas/missionaries but we are now all mixed in with the english missionaries, so it is definitely different! but, so far so good! :)

I am so grateful for Our Savior Jesus Chirst and all that He has done for us. It gives me hope to know that, because of Him and the plan that Heavenly Father has for us, we can be resurrected and live with them and our families para siempre! :) (forever!)  I love this gospel and for the chance I have everyday to share it! :)

I love you all! :) 
Hermana Sarah Michelle Spackman

#Aleluya #Hallelujah
and a picture of my first english disitrct! 

This past week was Hna Gonzalez's last week and she flew home this morning! Crazy! I have known her my whole mission and she has always been someone that I look up to! She will do great things ;)

Right now, I am in a trio in an english area until I get my new companion tomorrow! It's been fun, but I miss teaching in spanish!

Last week, we found three new investigators and they all accepted a baptism invite and date! Yay! We found the elect! :) I am so excited to keep working with them. 

We cannot do this work without the Lord and without being completely worthy of the Spirit. Heavenly Father knows exactly where His prepared children are and has given us the Holy Ghost to guide as there. Now it is up to us to be worthy and willing. And this applies to everyone, not just missionaries. There are people in your neighborhood, workplace, or even family, whether they be members or not, who are praying for something. You could very well be their answer. Be sure you are doing all you can to hear the promptings of the Spirit! :) 

God is our Heavenly Father and He truly does love us!! :) 

I hope you all have a great week! :) 
I love you!


Hermana Spackman
Hna Clark (who is now back serving in Lynnwood) just emailed me saying that Lyli and Elvin's daughter finally made it here form Guatemala!! :)
 Here is a little background on the story, they have been trying for a very very long time to have their whole family here together, but it has been quite the process getting visas and whatnot. Then, there was this lady who told them that if they joined her church and denied the mormon church, she would be able to bring their daughter here to america. They knew it was wrong, and didnt accept her help... Every single prayer they said included a plea for help in bringing their daughter, so that she could be baptized and they could be sealed in the temple. 
AND NOW SHE IS HERE! Heavenly Father truly does answer prayers! I am so happy for this family that will soon be sealed for all time and eternity! I know that all those hours spent worrying, praying. and wondering if they will ever see their daughter again were worth it, and that He never left them alone. He has a plan for each and every one of us. It is our job to be patient, faithful, and willing to do what He wants for us. He loves us and through Him families really are forever!! :) 


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