Sunday, March 6, 2016

Familia Mia --------> heavenly father loves us waAaayyy toOoo much & this week i was reminded once again of just how real He is!
We've been teaching a 21 year old named Kevin Munoz and he has such a sweet spirit. His mind process a little slower than normal but he can understand enough to follow along. We were teaching him that because God loves us He restored His church and then Hermana Bagley began to teach the First vision and as soon as she finished, we paused to feel the spirit and Kevin, looks at us with wide eyes and says, "Do you guys like Pizza?" hahaha
"Uhhhh, Yeah!" we just laughed because he was laughing but really we looked at each other trying to figure out why he asked that. Then he said, "i like pizza. and i know god is real because he gives me pizza." Kevin can see the simple things in life as evidence of God's love & i was grateful to be reminded.
We had a set appointment with Rosa on Saturday (we met her tuesday night & told us to come back) We brought hermana lopez, a member in the branch with us. we knocked the door. no answer. we knocked the neighbor's door. no answer.

Hermana Lopez wanted to knock again on rosa's door. so we did. no answer. then, hermana Lopez turned to me and said, "Call her!" i said, "uh, we didn't get her number." She asked, "Why not?" then came the 5 min lesson :) in how we need to get all the information when we meet people & we nodded and apologized that we didn't do it. We got in the car and went on our way to take her back home and as we drove out of the neighborhood, Rosa was turning in and Hermana Lopez screams, "Haga vuelta!" (Turn around!) haha such a blessing she said that, just in case we didn't see her ;) haha 

it was a real M I R A C L E and we were grateful for the 5min lesson on getting her phone number and that Hermana Lopez wanted to knock again. If we didn't take that time we wouldn't have seen Rosa pulling in. We taught Rosa & the spirit was very strong...Hermana Lopez's faith and boldness helped us, help Rosa feel the spirit.
We are seeing miracles because of the faith and work of members and we are continuing to build our own faith and excitement. Good things are happening but we know better things are in store! i love you all & i know Heavenly Father places miracles in our days, we just have to see them ;)
Los amo, Hermana Fifita
Pic: Just a couple of the amazing members in the branch :) oh & my crazy companion haha

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