Thursday, March 12, 2015

Week 2

today we go tot go to the temple grounds! it was so pretty! i could spend all day there!! the visitors center was super nice and had so many cool exhibits! it was awesome!

last sunday i gave my first talk in espanol! what they do is just have everyone prepare a five minute talk and then they call you to speak from the pulpit i was crazy nervous! i spoke about how we need to follow the example of joseph smith when we have questions. we need to study el escrituras, orar (pray), y act on the respuestas (answers) we recieve!
and this sunday me and hermana fifta are doing a musical number! so thats exciting..haha

i am growing to love my district so much! i am so grateful for them! and for nuestros maetros! (our teachers) remember andrea? nuestro investigador? so obviously she wasnt a real investigador, (sorry i forgot how to spell in english haha) but we thought she was just a volunteer, but she is now one of our teachers!! at first it was kinda awkward but now I love her! we now have two more investigadores for this week!

this week, i feel like i have learned a lot about la expiacion (the atonement) which has always been dear to my heart. just as we have been teaching it and seeing how much comfort it brings to people, when they know that they dont have to live with guilt and sorrow. and to know that jesucristo suffered specifically for each of us is just unimaginable. it makes me want to become as close as i possibly can to Christ. 

besides studying we play beach volleyball lmost everyday! and it is way fun! and when we dont do that we go and play basketball with some latina hermanas and they help us with our spanish! its awesome how there are not that many people here so we get to know everyone really well! i love it!

anyway i love you all! have a great week! Hermana Spackman

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