Friday, March 20, 2015

so this week i got to experience what mexican medical care was like. 
i hurt my thumb playing volleyball during gym time..but just kinda brushed it off until we were done playing. (because gym time is too important to sit out) haha then after we were done i realized that my thumb was super swollen, so i went to the enfermia in the ccm to get ice..but when they saw my thumb they said i needed an x ray..however it was on monday which was a national holiday here so the lab was closed and they just wrapped it up and told me to come back the next day. 

the next morning me and my comp got to leave the ccm, which is rare haha
we pulled into this parking lot and the "lab" was literallyright next to a mcdonalds haha...we walk in and it was very different than anything you would see in usa.. everyone was in matching "doctor lab coats" and all the girls had high heels and mini skirts on haha... we had to take a number and wait for it to be called. while we were waiting, i was definetly feeling like the minority, and this nurse was walking around with a tray full of like test tubes full of liquid right in front of all the people was kinda sketchy haha and i kept thinking of that one psych episode where they have the tubes full of that deadly virus..haha anyway.. once it was our turn we got up to get my x rays taken and i thought our driver (and one of the teachers at the ccm) was going to come with us, but he didnt...he just smiled and gave us a thumbs up. luckily hna fifita was with me!

then i realized that i dont actually know spanish yet...the doctor kept talking to me and i had no idea what he was saying, but i did know how to say my thumb feels bad haha so thats good. and if he wanted to know about the plan of salvation, i was set haha :)

but thumb is not broken..i never thought it was..but they wanted to be sure haha
so they gave me some super strong pain meds and i have been fine! haha except all the teachers know and so i got in trouble for playing basketball.. so i cant do too much during gum time...which is sad...but i will get over it haha

so there was the highlight of my week haha...other than that everything has been great! still learning how to preach the gospel in spanish! one of our investigators asked if it was okay to have two wives at once, so i am now learning the vocab for the law of chastity haha so thats! ;) three weeks down and three to go!! 
the weather here has been crazy!! one minute its summer paradise then next we are running through a windy rain and hail storm!! its awesome!!

i hope everything is going well! and sorry this was kinda long!!

Alma 26 has been my go to chapter this week! i dare you all to read it!! :)

i love you all!! :)

Hermana Sarah Spackman

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