Wednesday, December 16, 2015

We tracted into a less active a few weeks ago and he hasnt missed church since! He is the only member in his family and was baptized about 6 years ago. His wife never let us in when he wasnt home. However, recently she has been super humble and started listening to the lessons! The spirit was so strong when we showed her the Christmas video and then later taught her the restoration! She asked great questions!! The coolest part was when she apologized for never letting us come in. She was truly sorry, you could feel it. It was very bitter-sweet and a huge humbling experience, she is so awesome!

So, something crazy happened this past week. Last monday, we went to a mexican store to drop off some pass along cards and while we were there, a lady starting talking to me really fast. And I just nodded to what she was saying even though I didnt really know what she was talking about. Turns out I accidentally agreed to sign up for a rafal? raphel? (i dont know how to spell that) and pay ten dollars to possibly win a huge thing of like perfume or something..haha luckily i had my companion to help me get out of it, we told the lady that we didnt have any money. Then, she asked us when we were coming back and we could give her that money then. We told her sometime next week and left. To be honest, we never planned to go back. Now, fast forward to friday, we were in the neighborhood and we were exploring some new streets, we didnt have time to knock all of them so we prayed and chose one. Turns out, it was a member family from the english ward! They were able to refer us to a hispanic family that lived just down the road.. So we tried them! annnd it was the same lady!! yikes!! She let us in and let us share a message, then asked for our money... haha but hey maybe she is supposed to be baptized or something! :)

Its been raining quite a bit! Welcome to Washington, I guess.

I just found out that I am staying in Lynnwood for another transfer!! :)

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! :) I love tracting cause we get to see everyone's Christmas decorations!! :)

I love you all! Have a great week!!

Hermana Spackman

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