Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hola y'all!
Sorry, I havent been able to write the past couple of weeks!
Last week, Hermana Fifita had the flu and we were on "Level Lockdown" for almost 4 days and we werent allowed to leave the apartment! Just saying, I am glad I got my flu shot haha even though I didnt want to! I saw the blessings of obedience for sure.
We have been able to see many miracles with the members and investigators this past week :) And most of all of them happened on sunday! Janet, our cute inestigator came to church for the first time and she brought her two kids and a friend and her kid! :) It was awesome!!  Then, our recent convert who hasnt come to church for the past three transfers came! and then another recent convert who doesnt like wearing ties came to church with a tie and was able to bless the sacrament for the first time! We were able to teach these people while we were on exchanges! I am so grateful to be a sister training leader and see all the many miracles from bringing other sisters into our area and even though they dont speak spanish, they bring such an amazing spirit to our lessons!
Something funny that happened this past week is one night, for some reason, I woke up got our of bed, knelt down, and started praying out loud. I must have thought I heard the alarm.. Hermana Fifita woke and heard me praying and being a good companion she knelt down as well..After I was done, I checked the clock and it was 12am...not the time to get up.. haha poor hermana fifita I made her get up, so I quickly said sorry and just went back to bed..haha the mission does crazy things to you, first I am sleep praying..whats next? ;)
We had the chance to hear from Elder Johnson of the seventy this past week and we received some awesome counsel! :) He talked about how no one in the world besides members know the true nature of our Heavenly father and the Godhead, and it is our job to let everyone know that he has a body of flesh and bones, and her loves us.
So excited for this Christmas season!! :) I hope you all enjoy your holidays!! I have loved sharing the video on christmas.mormon.org and talking about why it was necesary that Christ was born!
I love you! Have an amazing week!!
Hermana Sarah Spackman

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