Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hello everyone!
This week has been very successful! We have found a lot of new investigators! and this week, we have been trying to extend the baptismal invite more frequently,  and we have seen the blessings and have a few people preparing to be baptized! :) I am so excited to keep working with the people here! Hopefully, I get to stay longer!
So, on wednesday we met Enrique and had about a two minute door conversation with him and invited him to come to church. He said he would try, and guess what? He came! We hadnt even taught him a lesson or anything. That morning, he said that he first went to a different church that is kinda down the street from ours but he had a feeling (the holy ghost) that it wasnt the right church and he shouldnt go in. He then texted us and showed up and stayed for all three hours! I was so happy! We invite a lot of people to come to church, but this was the first time that I had seen someone actually follow through and come! :) We are now teaching him! :)
 I am so grateful for this gospel and for this chance I have to share it and see it change lives! :)
I love you all! :) I hope you enjoy this next week!!
Hermana Sarah Spackman

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