Monday, May 11, 2015

oThis week I have been able to learn a lot about following the Spirit. On friday, we started  off our day like we had planned and everything seemed to be going fine. 
Then, Hermana Pirir said that she felt weird about going to this certain apartment complex.. and she wasnt sure if we should go there. It was hard to decide because we had planned to be there most of our day contacting people and we didnt have another place in mind. So, we prayed. Afterwards, I didnt know why this certain street came into my mind, but I suggested that we go there instead, and we started heading there and trying the house we knew were had hispanics living there.

After a few houses, we didnt have much success. Until we met Josue. As we were talking to him we asked if he would like to learn more and he said yes, and we had a lesson a bout the restoration right there on his porch. It went really well! 
While we were talking about all the different churches in the world today, we asked if he had ever wondered which church was true. He said "Yes." and so we asked "What things have you done to find out?" and he said "Nothing, I am just waiting for the right church to find me, I guess." 
And we did!! :) People really have been prepared to hear our message and are waiting to hear the truth! It is so important for us to listen to the spirit because he guides us to the people that are ready.
Later, that day, we found Yazmin. Who listened to us talk about the restoration and when we asked her to pray about it to know if it is true, she said, "Oh, I dont need to pray, I believe what you guys have said, it just makes sense." We were surprised by that and asked her to be baptized right there and she said yes! and committed to a date!
So, needless to say, my testimony has definitely been strengthened in the importance of the spirit and how the Lord is preparing people right now to hear our message!
It has been a pretty great week! I am so grateful that I am blessed with the opportunity to be a missionary!! I am learning so much and realizing things that I hadnt realized before and I love it!
I hope everyone is doing well! Know that I love you all! 
Have a good week! 
Hermana Sarah Spackman
(sorry I didnt take any pictures this week

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