Tuesday, April 12, 2016

This is a picture of Juan, we met him on Saturday while tracting. He is super cool and by the end of our contact he was showing us his cowboy hat collection and ended up giving each of us one! haha
Then, Sunday morning came around and we got a call from a random number asking for directions to the church, we had no idea who it was but we gave them directions and waited outside for them. And you wouldn't believe it but Juan came riding up in his truck and wearing a cowboy hat! :) It was awesome! Then, in the gospel principles class we learned about the Atonement and he said that he learned a lot! He also kept asking everyone this question, "What do you think about one tree that is verde verde verde (super green) but everything around it is seco seco seco (super dry)?" It was interesting to hear everyone's answers. One of our other investigators, Javier said it's like life with the gospel, even though the world around you is dry and doesn't have the gospel, it doesn't matter because we have the gospel in our lives and that keeps us green. It was pretty profound! :) what do you all think?

This past week we actually had some pretty nice weather! which was great for street contacting!:) but now it's back to cloudy and rainy haha oh well :)

Estoy muy agradecida por ser misionera y por el tiempo que tengo cada dia para testificar e intentar de entender un poquito mejor el plan que Mi Padre Celestial tiene para mi. Mi vida ha cambiado bastante gracias a la mision y los ejemplos de las personas que me rodean. Se que sin ninguna duda que Jesucristo es el Salvador y solamente medio de El podemos regresar con Nuestro Padre Celestial. Mi testimonio es muy sencillo pero de mi corazon! :)

I love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Sarah Spackman

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