Monday, February 1, 2016

This week was pretty eventful! We had Zone Conference, Mission Leader Council and also exchanges!
This next week is going to be crazy because we have two more exchanges and lots of service hours, I am excited!

The weather has been getting a little bit warmer and the days a little longer, so that has been great for street contacting! :)
Our mission president asked us to commit to reading the Book of Mormon everyday for the rest of our lives. It was very powerful the way he talked about it. I readily made the commitment because I know the Book of Mormon was written by prophets. I know it's true. I have seen countless blessings in my life and in the lives of others thanks to the teachings we read inside. I know that I have taken it for granted in the past, but there is always time to change and improve! :) Heavenly Father loves us and because of that love he has given us a sure way to return to Him. Through the scriptures, we learn what that way is. I know that as we apply the teachings of the prophets of old as well as the prophets we have today, we will be worthy of the Spirit, and never go astray.
The invitation is extended to each and every on of you reading this email. Read the Book of Mormon everyday. And dont get discouraged if you miss a day. When you accidentally skip brushing your teeth one day, do you give up all together and never brush your teeth again? Claro que no!! As soon as you realize, you go brush your teeth!! Its the same with scripture study.
I love you all! :) have an amazing day!
Hermana Spackman

We knocked a door last night. The man who answered spoke with us but wouldn't listen.

He kept saying, "I'm happy the way i live my life. I have what i want. My family is fine and we don't need to go to church. We're good." He just kept saying, "I'm happy. We're good." After testifying to him that there is more, we talked with the member who was with us about why people have that perspective. 

Because of Christ, we know that there is more and that the happiness that the world lives in, is t e m p o r a l . 

God requires us to change and repent. That process includes changing behaviors and choices that will require our effort...its not easy. The world is content with just being enough. In order to b e c o m e like God, change is needed. i know that because of the restoration of the gospel, there is m o r e . there is eternal j o y!

Los amo,
Hermana Fifita

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